Latest SEO Guidelines of Bing

Search engine optimization is the basic factor for a website to succeed in online marketing . Even though you include most useful information and design your website very attractively, without search engine optimization all your efforts are utter waste. Only by optimizing your website as search engine friendly people will get to know about your site. Hence Bing has released following SEO guidelines to best optimize your site.
1. Content
Contents play very important role in site’s ranking in any search engines. Bing wanted a site which has content that are not only unique and interesting but also informative. Hence sites with poor content will not work. So including content that are clear, informative, easy to understand, interesting and also related to current issues will help for better ranking.

2. Back links
Bing consider a site to be useful based on the number of back links the site have. When more sites refer your company by pointing your site, it automatically explains the quality of your content and product/service. But Bing will not consider the sites with automated links.

3. Social Networks
A site which is more active in social networks can rank well in search engines. Most people have started using social medias like Facebook, Twitter etc. and they always promote the sites if they find the articles posted by them is useful. So site’s social network presence is considered as important factor by Bing while ranking a site.

4. Proper Index and Proper Tag
You have to get your site properly indexed to allow the search engines to locate your site easily. Some of Bing tools like Submit URL, Sitemap Upload etc. will help your site to get indexed.
Make sure that the tags (both title and meta tags) are related to your site and best describes it. The site should be user friendly and should definitely have a site map that is updated every time the site undergoes a change.

5. Load Time
The less the time taken to load your site the more the visitors like your site. Hence avoid flash, graphics or other animations as much as possible which are responsible for slow loading. Also remember to create a site that supports mobile devices like smart phones, tablets etc.

Above are the latest Bing webmaster guidelines, adapting to which will give your users an enjoyable experience on being on your site.

Uploading Large Number Of Web Pages In Short Time Span

Mensagam is an experienced and expertised search engine marketing  agency. We started in 2012, has highly skilled online marketing experts to assist their clients across INDIA. Also located in USA and UK, Mensagam provides other services like web development, PPC and social media marketing.

Mensagam strictly follows Google guidelines to ensure quality work result for their clients. Mensagam has stated its view about the video presented by Matt Cutt, Google’s Head of Web Spam, regarding uploading of large number of pages in short time gap.

Matt Cutt answered to the question of whether large number of pages should be uploaded single handedly or in steps. He stated that though Google accepts both the ways, Manual Web Spam team may consider sites with those huge sudden pages. So he advices web masters to upload the pages in steps.


Ecommerce & Magento Web Development Services in Chennai, India

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Though Magento is very easy to use, best idea is to hire a Magento website developer to take the full advantage of it in right way. Only a Magento developer can explore for best SEO, ORM etc and implement all required factors for better business opportunity.