Brand Design

Logo Design in Chennai, Cuddalore and Kumbakonam

A business first design starts with Logo, later brochure and then Web Design. Only a logo can represent your business category and brand name in image and text representation.
The different types of logos are classified in to 5 categories

  • Emblem logos,
  • Letter mark Logos (letter form),
  • Word mark Logos (type text),
  • Brand mark Logos (symbolic),
  • Combination mark logos (mixed)

These logo designs can be selected according to the client requirements. Most of the businesses choose a Combination mark logo which has letter type, word type, brand or emblem as mixture.
Our Logo Design process

  • Define – determine the problem
  • Research – Discover the needs
  • Create and Develop
  • Test and Deliver the Solution

An impressive logo will give a higher grade for your business and brand name. We at Webmazz (Chennai) offer best logo design services at affordable cost. Our designing team are professional and expertise in all the multimedia applications. 3-5 samples of your business logo designs will be displayed after receiving an advance payment. Once you confirm with the logo, we receive the balance payment and transfer the logo through email or share our web server link to download your logo files.

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