How can I build a simple and low-cost website for my business?


  • What does your website development process look like?

    Overall Goals. Communication and collaboration between the project manager and the client to map out the features and functions of the website. Who are your customers, how will we add value and attract more of them to your website?

    Menu & Page Flowchart. Mapping out the menu, its main pages, and supporting pages that will make up the navigation for the website as a whole. We want visitors to get where they want to go as easily as possible.

    Interface Design. The custom process of creating the look and feel of the website based on the business brand, the goals of the project, and the intended audience or audiences involved. We want visitors to quickly understand what you offer and how to get where they need to go, regardless of the device.

    SEO Worksheet. The keyword-focused approach used to ensure individual pages within the website are constructed with the purpose of being found in Google. Utilizing best practices of content, programming, and planning, we can help increase the opportunity that Google will respect your site.

    Content Management System (CMS) Integration. Programming the custom graphics, features, functions, and page flowchart into the content management system. This is the brain of the website and how you will edit and manage your pages moving forward.

    Quality Assurance / Go-Live Process. Includes testing to ensure all links work as they should, the website appears as it should across multiple browsers and devices, that the overall functionality desired is operational, and that the site is ready to be published for the world to see.

    See the full detailed website design process here.
  • How long will it take to develop the site?

    An average website from Webmazz Software Solutions will typically run between 2 to 4 weeks; this will tend to be longer for more complex and e-commerce sites.

    But average never really tells the whole story, does it?

    The real answer is “it depends on how prepared you and your team are to participate in the process”. We have some sites that have been completed in less than a month. We have one that has been lingering for more than two years.

    Now, the two-year example is an absolute outlier but it’s real. The client has changing priorities and the inability to make a decision regarding the website. So that project has analysis paralysis.

    If you have the ability to follow a schedule, complete homework in a reasonable amount of time, and trust the process, having a site ready between 12-18 weeks shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    What would make the process go longer than average?

    Besides the outlier example listed above, the most frequent reasons for the delay in the website process are:

    • Employee turnover – the person responsible for managing the process on your end either leaves your company or assumes another position.
    • 1. Lack of assets – like staff photos or pictures and videos from case studies, previous work, or testimonials.
    • 2. Multitasking – the business gets busy and the website gets put on the back burner
    • 3. Communication delays – decisions can’t be made in a timely manner and rely on infrequent committee meetings or some formal process.
    • 4. A Global pandemic – that just happens in the movies, right?
  • Who owns the website once it’s paid for?

    You do of course. You paid for it.

    We have heard stories of companies that charge to build sites AND charge companies AGAIN if they wish to take their site to a different hosting provider. We think that’s just plain crazy.

    While our designs are custom to your business and the content and page structures are developed by following a thorough and proven process, the website files, pages, and content are all the property of the client once paid in full.

    We’ll happily host, protect, and service your site once it’s built.

    But… should you need to take your site and host elsewhere for whatever reason in the future, you have the freedom to do so.

    Know why? Because you paid for it.
  • What do I get for the money?

    Our talented team works to ensure that each website we build is a valuable marketing tool geared toward achieving your goals.

    In summary, our services include:
    • An account manager who will take a keen interest in your business goals
    • Design & marketing advice to make your website a promotional machine
    • A project managed with purpose and precision so you know what to expect
    • Google-friendly content strategies to help you rank high for search results
    • An enormously detailed go-live review to ensure it works and looks good in all browsers
    • Support when you need it, answers when you ask, and prompt, personal attention throughout
    To help you better understand what goes into our website development process and the value we expect you will receive from it, we’ve outlined a comprehensive overview here.
  • How do I figure out what content and pages to focus on?

    The content process is one of the more complex components of building a new website and one key area where guidance from an experienced firm has significant value. Here is an entire page with in-depth answers to this question and recommendations on what content to prioritize.

  • Should I put pricing on my website?

    Whether you sell products, services, or some combination of the two, pricing on the website is always an important question to consider.

    In general, our advice is yes, find a way. Even if your answer starts with “it depends”, we know that the number one frustration from buyers is the lack of pricing on company websites.

    For a more complete answer and additional context, here is an entire page dedicated to this question.
  • Can you help me improve my site without building a new one?

    You bet. A couple of thoughts here.

    1. 1. Your site may not need a physical rebuild. It may just need some messaging work, some reorganization, and a look through the eyes of your customer.
    2. 2. If your site is built on a tool like WordPress or a content management system that you have access to, content optimization and some website best practices may be a fantastic first step to leveling up your online game.
    3. Want some ideas on how to improve the site you already have? Check out our web insights here.

      Want to chat with someone about this? We’d love to take a look at your site with you. Let’s talk.
  • Do you build mobile-friendly sites?

    Do we ever.

    Out of the box ready for mobile.

    Our websites are designed to automatically resize depending on the device it is getting viewed on as well as offer mobile-only feature buttons so that phone viewers have shortcuts to high priority areas.

    It’s like there’s a little brain in there telling the site what to do. Very cool stuff.
  • Will you be outsourcing any of the work?

    We are very lucky to have a skilled website, graphics, and content team together at Webmazz Software Solutions.

    Because of that, we do not have to outsource our standard website development work. Which we feel is a good thing for a couple reasons:

    • • This team works together frequently and knows the processes
    • • Work can be done efficiently and promptly
    • • Conversations and collaboration with our team and you can happen more regularly
    However, we do work with outside vendors such as photographers and videographers if the client has existing relationships they prefer.
  • Will I be able to edit the site when it’s done?
    Yes. All websites we develop are built on a content management system that will allow easy access to edit pages as frequently as you need while connected to the internet.
  • Have you ever designed a website for ‘my type’ of business?
    We get this question a lot and most likely the answer is yes we have–or we have at least worked with a business modeled like yours with similar goals and challenges. While we can never replace the experience and expertise you have within your business, we can offer a promise to ask intelligent and meaningful questions and lead you through the process with purpose and focus. Every business is different and unique so our development process combines the best practices of website design and small business marketing with your unique needs, goals, and vision to deliver a results-focused website marketing tool.
  • Will I be able to access my website statistics without contacting you?
    Yes. We integrate Google Analytics into all sites and as part of that process can set up access for you to view the results any time you need on your own.
  • Your Price Range Is Too Expensive For Me – What Other Options Do You Recommend?

    We totally understand. The good news is there are plenty of options for you that will give you all the tools you need to be successful.

    Building a website doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable for your business. If your business is starting out and you’re looking to create a simple, low-cost website, here are some tips, recommendations, and suggestions to help you do just that.

    Each of these services has free and low-cost options that will help you find and register a domain name for your business and use a website wizard to build a simple site.